The people Who make it happen


#behindthescenes ROOZBEH FARTASH

A passion for our industry and a passion for valves. Roozbeh is a born engineer and enjoys his work every single day. He is driven to provide you the best possible service in listening, understanding and co-creating. Plus, he is very competitive in playing tabletop soccer; challenge him for a match! Get in touch with him to find out more about our STOCK PROGRAM (or for match day)!


#behindthescenes FRANCISCA TAX

Meet Francisca! She is responsible of the shipments and the order in our warehouse! As you can see, she loves what she is doing; above all she loves to support and help people. An exceptional service is her leading theme every day. She is very structured and an action hero! Francisca is 100% Francisca in every situation! Love and kindness are her key characteristics!


#behindthescenes YVONNE FRIEDL

Yvonne shares the logistics role with Francisca. The girls work hand in hand to provide you your package on time filled with valves and a whole load of positive energy. Yvonne and Francisca share their passion for logistics and getting out the packages on time to you. Yvonne loves life and is an energy ball, who loves to make it happen! Plus, Yvonne is very precise and has everything under control and in order, which could be related to her German origin. She knows exactly what’s going on with her shipments at any time.